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Armorica is a kingdom which stretches across the Northern coast of Aremorica. It started as simply Osismied when several tribes of kelts banded together to form a tribe called the Osismii and then settled on the tip of Aremorica. Over several hundred years, they pillaged and raided the local tribes, as theywere raided in return. Eventually an ambititous chief named Derfel succeeded his father. He proceeded to pound the neighboring tribes into submission under his own rule. Osismied/Armorica has always and will always be a Druidic state. After this, Osismied began to become civilized even though war was a part of every day life. During this time, the Kingdom of Dumonos formed and a long lasting friendship was formed between the two nations as trade began on the Dividing Sea. Eventually, the last of the Derfels attacked Ostava and captured Parisii.

Around this time the Empire of the Buertgang organized itself and began to raid Brygantia so King Derfel gave access of the Unsullied forces being trained to Dumonos. After capturing the city, he had to turn around and defend Osismied against Frenkish invasion. He pushed them back to Andar but could not take the city and so withdrew to Parisii. He was assasinated by Frenkish soldiers and a true war began. Enraged at his father's death, King Cernyd took the armies of Osismied South and smashed the Frenks into submission in a campaign of epic proportions.

After this war was completed a more compliant king had succeeded the throne of the Frenks and Osismied was renamed Armorica. King Cernyd's son, Cunneda the Liberator, went north to free Brygantia from the grasps of the Buertgang. The King of Lundein had unsure loyalties and so, the Buertgang had him assassinated. This enraged the people of Lundein and the new king swore fealty to the king of Dumonos. After this, a viscious campaign over land and sea was fought between the rising powers as they found that their futures would be immensely intertwined and that would not necessarily be a good thing. For a while, Armorica stagnated. It expanded a bit overseas into Hibernia but just basically sat around with the Faith hurling insults at them.

Then, the Holy War began.

In the aftermath of the Holy War, Dumonos was reinstated as a joint vassal, Ostava was divided between the Armoricans and the Beurtgang, and Kentus became a joint vassal as well. The Armorican oversea colonies were once more captured, and the reconstruction had began. The Vahlshallans destabilized and spiraled further into the abyss of the bloodier versions of the Faith.


The Wall -> Seperates the penninsula from the rest of Armorica, last line of defense.

Temple Hill -> A place where all known religions have access to worship in except the Faith due to their temples being defiled.

Road Network -> Connects all of the Armorican and Ostavan towns and cities and makes defending the territory controlled much much easier.

Unique Unit: Unsullied

Religion: Druidism

Region: Keltia

Major Events[]

Keltic Holy War