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New banner of the Axumite fleet

the Axumite Merchant has become proverb (Unknown)

Axum is a nation on the Southern Nile. Founded around the year 2800 BC. The nation was initailly ruled by a king named Zoskales, but after the death of Azaba Sofyason, came under the control of a merchant council, known as the Port Authority, or later the Trade Council. Axum was always a highly mercantial country. Its primary cities are the main capital of Axum and the large Long Sea Ports of Aswan and Adulis, though there are also large cities and settlements on the Nile such as Addis Ababa. These are from traditionalist Ethiopean tribes assimilated by Axum early in its history. The capital and Red Sea regions are only margionally religious, while the traditional region of Axum follows an extensive traditional faith. The primary deities of this faith are Attar, the rain god and his son Maher believed to be the creator of mankind. The traditionalists also believe in numerous spirits.

Axum would create an extensive colonial empire, from Somalia (which it later lost) to Oman. Axumite fleets would also go as far as India and the abandoned stone city of Greater Zimbabwe. These fleets were launched from giant drydocks, in Aswan and Adulis, which allowed for quick maintainance and repare. Axum was briefly the head of a large alliance of like minded nations known as the Trade Federation. This alliance fought the Nile War against the Neo-Egyptian Empire and lost, as a result of Egyptian monoremes blockading the Long Sea trade. In the war, the Axumites used to great effect War Elephants and oil filled Curraghs. After that, Axum went through a period of social upheavil, transforming into the Kingdom of Axum. So far, the new monarchy has proven itself effective at rebuilding the nation.

The nation got some revenge in the Great Levantine War, when they conquered Southern Egyptian seaports. They now look to the potential for new colonies, displacing the former Dakinsa in Somalia.