Canaan IS Vile Egyptians... Not Canaanites... (Egyptian Diplomate to the confused Axumite delegation in Caanan)

The Caanan dynastic crisis was a struggle for the Egyptian throne, which followed the death of Egypt's pharoah Massarati early in the Nile War. The claimants where Queen Neretini of Thebes and King Afsalem of Caanan, but the conflict ended quickly when the two agreed to marry. The son of Queen Neretini and Massarati was set to suceed the throne, but did not . Nontheless, the crisis was rapidly resolved partially due to a faliure by Axumite diplomats attempting to exploit it, who assumed that Caanan was a local revolt instead of an alternate claiment to the throne. The end of the crisis allowed the new United Egyptian Empire to regroup and defeate the Trade Federation in the Nile War.