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The Daughters of the Trinity formed to face the growing threat of the Iron Lancers and the Faith.

The Daughters of the Trinity worship the triple goddess the Morrigan. Three Goddesses form into the war goddess, who is comparable to the Norse Valkyries in real life. Badb, Macha, and Nemain form the Morrigan.

When the drums of war sound, the Morrigan's own will be there. Like a raven in the night, they strike, shattering shield walls without trying.

The daughters of war, blessed by the goddess, are unstoppable. You do not know they are there until they are among you. They are heavily armored and wield axes, spears and maces, they wear helmets that protect their heads, but don't limit their vision and wield wooden shields, reinforced with bronze bands.

The question is; will this organization survive during peace? Or is it doomed to everlasting war?

During the Holy War of Keltia, the Daughters of the Trinity valiantly fought, and destroyed the Iron Lances, but took many casualties during the battle.