Dumonos is a nation on the Southern coast of Britannia. Dumonos started due to Osismied trading with their peoples from across the Dividing Sea. Over hundreds of years, the attitude between Osismied and Dumonos further improved until they were deeply mired into an unspoken alliance with Osismied. They continued to grow out from Isca. Dumonos maintained a fragile networked of alliances within the tribes. There was an Eastern and Western part to this net of alliances. Then, out of the blue North Sea, came the blood thirsty Buertgang seeking to conquer Britannia and essentially curbstomp everyone who didn't comply to their rule. After that, Dumonos recieved active help from Osismied. It started by the allowance of Dumonos to have the elite unit of Osismied - the Unsullied. After that, they beat the Buertgang to a standstill and formed a new nation called Lundein. Lundein became a vassal state of Dumonos.

After that Osismied, now Armorica, now that the armies were freed from the attacks on the Frenks, helped the combined armies of Lundein and Dumonos in shattering the army of the Buertgang Empire which was now of the faith.

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