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The first organization to exist in the ancient era, the Iron Lancers, were like in Knights Templar were in real life. The Iron Lancers, carry longer spears than normal spearmen, and defend the Faith at all costs. They will even fight the Faith, should it fall to the menaces of the Red Faith or worse.

Originally founded by Vahlshallah after the migratory efforts in the South, the Iron Lances were a minor unit up until the conference at Spire, which paved the way for a peaceable era for a time in Keltia. Following the Conference, the Iron Lances gained members and funding from a variety of sources, mostly tithes and donations from Faithful nations and people that worshipped the Faith. The Iron Lances were given the Grand Temple at Vahlshallah, and the Lances based their organization out of Nessos in Central Keltia. Forming a heavy corps of soldiers to be used during wartime, the Iron Lances were resolute in a variety of wars spaced across Keltia.

During the Holy War of Keltia, the Iron Lances nearly destroyed the Daughters of the Trinity, and were in turn destroyed with most of their leadership killed. Omar the Ninth and his son, Oscar of Nessos, were both slain, forcing Fellip of Nessos to take over the Iron Lances. Then, the winter arrived. Humbled, and mad at traitorous allies, with the rise of the Gold Faith in Ildaris, Armorica contacted the Iron Lances after changing their policies towards the Faith. The armoricans gave the Red Prophet, proof of the most dangerous thing of all, to the Iron Lancers.

At that point, the Iron Lances turned against the Beurtgang and the Vahlshallahns, and joining the Armorican army, attacked up the coast. Negotiations took place on the border of Ostava and the Beurtgang Empire. At those negotiations, the Iron Lances ordered the Faithful Nations to halt their war or face the consequences, as well as making reaseonable demands, considering the situation the Faith was in. No treachery was involved yet in the world of the Faith, it was seen as a treacherous act by the nations of the Vahlshallahns and the Beutgang.

Vahlshallah and the Beurtgang grudgingly agreed, but the Grand Temple of the Spire (managed by the Iron Lances) was attacked and sacked by members of the Stone, Shadow, Red, and Grey Faith, leading to the demise of hundreds of Lancers in the premises of the Temple. Shortly afterwards, SIrius the Seventh of Vahlshallah disbanded the Iron Lances within his nation and replaced them with the Forsworn, as well as passing edicts focused on the destruction of the Iron Lances if they caused trouble in his lands. Tithes and donations from Vahlshallah and Pommerania were severed as well, making the rebuilding project of the Lances that much harder.

Currently, they are rebuilding and trying to remake their order, but are beset on all sides by possible war. The Beurtgang and Vahlshallah simmer for the moment, but are ready to boil over at any moment, and the Druids are unlikely to respond to requests for support.