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The Prince of Katan has launched a new war, it seems.

Oh? And for what purpose?

To pay for the last war. (Hyakid humor)

Katan before the Great Levantine War

The massive bohemoth rising from the migrating Koyulun tribes of Anatolia (Koyun) when warchiefs took advantage of the plague to conquer a large homeland. This group started around 2850 BC, before the disease, in central Anatolia. They were initially notable for bringing a new inovation into warfare: axemen. After building up their strength by "training" on other Koyulun tribes, eventually uniting all of them, they recently went on an orgy of conquest which let the empire incorporate most of the Kingdom of Trezbond, Empire of Makedonia, and Thloryn into its decentralized monarchy.

The Katanian army is notable for its use of modern longboats and large siege weapons such as Katanic stonethrowers. They are currently battling Cytrians in Mediolaun and Ctesiphod and have recently returned from North Egypt in the Great Levantine War.