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After multiple years of Armorica ignoring the insults of the Faith, the Ipren Druids were defeated. Instead of being given proper deaths, the Beurtgang and the Ostavans enslaved them all and sold them everywhere. This enraged every Druidic nation and in a bid to free the captives, Armorica attacked Ostava. In a matter of years, they conquered Souison, Rema and Morn while losing Parisii. During this time, the Ipren druids were massacred by the Beurtgang, the Vahlshallans, and the Ostavans.

Then, the Druids struck back. they reached the Border of the Beurtgang Empire, and nearly destroyed Ostava. The armies sat along the border for a long time, and then tragedy struck. Under the flags of Armorica, the Faithful fleet sailed into Dumonos, and caught them by surprise. They destroyed the country of Dumonos, after paying the Woad to help them. Then, word of the Alfrenks backing out of the war, seemed to have sealed Armorica's fate.

Now, without a navy, and being pushed back on the frontier, the situation looked grim for Armorica. The armies of the Faith pushed further and further, thinning their supply lines, as the Faithful armies resorted to both cannibalism and fatigue. They reached the borders of Armorica, and half of their army was slaughtered at the gates of Calet. They then ignored Calet and Souisson and forged deeper into Armorica, truly cutting off their supply lines. The Armoricans picked them off one by one as the winter drew near.

Veneta was taken by the Vahlshallans, and a supply line was remade, but it was too late. During the heart of the winter, in a quick but decisive move, the Armoricans slaughtered the Beurtgang army, and shattered the Vahlshallan army. They captured many Vahlshallan ships, and sunk a good portion of the rest in several attacks on the harbours controlled by the Faith.

Due to the rise of the Red Faith in Vahlshallah, the Iron Lancers and Danyaria joined the Armoricans as hope was once more renewed. They broke through and conquered their way up to the Beurtgang Empire again, and war was taken to Kentus right before peace was agreed upon. The war changed Keltia forever, and had killed many, many people, severely damaging Keltia for the years to come.