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Kingdom of Leon[]

Flag of Leon

Capital- Leonia

Official Language- Iberian
Demonym- Leonian, Leonese
Government- Monarchy
Religion- Bokononism

"Why did the Leonite cross the sea? To begin creating a vast empire, you dolt." (Ildarian Humor)

Having a long and tortuous history (with very many players!) the Kingdom of Leon dominates the Leonese Peninsula. Formed of a union between New Valyria and the native Leonese, many see Leon as the new bearer of the Triple Crown from the ashes of the Sardican Empire, especially after Caligari gave the King of Leon that particular title for their support.


Rule by others[]

Originally a Nova Valyria colony, when their masters fell apart, they rebelled against Valyrian rule and became a client state of the Sardician Empire. They maintained a somewhat friendly relationship for some time, and under Sardican rule, they expanded relatively quickly across Iberia. When The Sardicans themselves fell, Leon broke free and finally became an independent nation.


As a newly independent nation, Leon began expanding across the Western Seas, trying to reform the old empire itself. Feeling like the nation should not have The Faith imposed upon the people, a man by the name of Bokonon wrote fifteen "Books," which were massive stone tablets inscribed in Iberian, about how religion is essentially a lie, but believeing these lies can result in you living a happy, good life. The Leonians quickly took up this faith, and it spread throughout the nation, but only that far. Although there have been a few minor conflicts, so far Leon has been in a state of peace.


Map of Iberia and the Western Seas

Leon lies in the eastern half of Iberia, occupying the regions of Oledo, Vascony, Leon, and Andalicia. It also owns a piece of Nueva Valyria, as well as the Baranian Islands and Corsica.

Leon (Region)[]

The eastern central region of Iberia, Leon is home to the capital of the Kingdom of Leon, Leonia, as well as other cities and towns. The northern half of Leon (generally considered to be the area north of the Oledian River) is rugged and mountainous, holding a variety of metals inside the mountains. The southern half is fertile, and home to farming and is considered to be the center of trade in the Western Sea.

Cities in Leon[]

Leonia: Capital of Leon, and the supposed city where Bokononism was founded. The Fifteen Books of Bokonon are held on display in the Palace of the King, the central keep of Leonia.

Tarico: Despite being lesser known than Leonia, Tarico is a small town that contains many figures important to Bokononism, including three of the most famed calypso writers, and various places for worship. Only Leonians ever visit the place, and calypsos echo throughout the streets, even at night.

Vallera: Protected in the north by the Pyrenians, the city of Vallera is a quiet place, relatively. During the day, traders from the region of Valyria Nueva and the various islands of the Western Sea are found in the markets, selling their goods to the people, and even trading among each other. Despite less frequented than Baríca, the constant passage of people and trade has caused the population to continue to grow.

Baríca: The major trade center of the Western Sea, Baríca is a city that seems to never sleep. A merchant is always somewhere selling his goods, whether by the light of the sun or a candle, and there is always another person looking to buy. People from Iberia, Africia, Keltia, and Valyria Nueva flock to the city, and all leave either richer or poorer, depending on their reasons for arriving in the majestic city.

Miveña: Miveña is Leon's main source of fish. In the way that Baríca never sleeps due to trade, there always seems to be someone fishing from the coast of Miveña.


The central region of Iberia; mostly uncivilized, but it is mineral-rich, and one of the main regions that Leon looks to expand towards.


The only official "city" that Leon has constructed in the Oledan region, Oledia is a city where anyone can find a job, due to the aboundance of mines and blacksmiths. Accounting for almost half of Leon's weapons, armor, and raw mineral output, Oledians have become masters at the art of producing good quality arms and armor, and quickly getting shipments of refined minerals to their destination.


The home to Ildaris, a major trading partner of Leon, Parivica is a relatively large strip of land extending from the edge of Galicia downwards yo the coastline and Andalicia. Largely uncivilized, the only portion of true note (as stated before) is Ildaris, a trade partner of Leon.


Recently conquered by Leon, the area of Vascony is beautiful and fertile on the coast, yet rough in the mountains, the latter of which had seen many gruesome battles.

Cities in Vascony[]

Cantariana: The major city of the region, Cantariana is sheltered by mountains on almost all sides, yet sprawls out to the fertile coast. The southern half is a major center of quarries and masonry, while the northern half is more agricultural. Once the capital of the Vascons, now it has become one of the proud cities of Leon's northern coast.

Saebastia: Seen by Leonians after conquering as a gateway to the north, Saebastia is a small coastal city which has a large amount of contact with the Keltians, and is destined to become a thriving trade center.

Paracia: The city bridging Leon and Vascony, Paracia is the crossroads of the north, with roads leading in all directions. Mainly used for agriculture, Leonians have started to realize the effectiveness of this city as a travel stop on the way to elsewhere, and also that it could become a major point of land trade in the future.


The northwest tip of Iberia, the druids fleeing from Leonian conquest have seemed to flock to here.


A largely unsettled area, Astilla is fertile land, and Leon is looking to expands towards the region.


Despite its rugged terrain, Andalicia is both a center of trade and agriculture (at least, in the civilized parts).


Recently made into an official town by the King, Aliara was a major fishing village until the establishment of the road network, whch practically cut the place in half. With the influx of new traders, the population has steadily risen, and the town has started to drift towards less of a fishing way of life and more of a trade-centered economy.

Kadiz and Lamari[]

The two nations that inhabit Andalicia exclusively, they are relatively minor in comparison to Leon, yet are frequented by Leonian traders.