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Levantine League on the eve of the last vote to split it. A mercantial power surrounded by empires.

“The business of the Levant is business; The League exists to protect its cities; You exist to protect the League”-The Foremost Administrator

The Levantine League was a mercantial alliance of city states in the levant that lasted from 2500 BC to the Great Levantine War. It was born after King Kalarel-Sar of Damascus surrendered to the Union of Phoenicia. They united to oppose the Hyakid Empire and it worked. Hyak did not invade. The leage would last for hundreds of years, but internal divisions weakened the state and it was ultimately annexed by Hyak after an extremely tight vote, triggerring the Great Levantine War.


The League was headed by a council of representatives from each of its many member cities. The head of the league was the Administrator in Tyre.