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Kingdom of Mediolaun[]

Capital- Mediolaun

Official Language- Cytrian
Demonym- Mediolanese
Religion- Ancestor Traditions

A Kingdom based on the Rtas (Po) river and which has expanded into the Cytrian Sea, the Kingdom of Mediolaun controls the Cytrian hearland.


Control by Ctesiphod[]

Mediolaun was originally a city under the control of Ctesiphod, a republic that lived in the area of current-day Mediolaun. Soon after the republic became strong, the Longbeards, "who were displaced by the Valyrians; slowly [filtered] through the mountains, they settled in the central Rtasian valley, separating the new Kingdom of Mediolaun from the Republic of Ctesiphod," (TerraNES Update 7 ), and Mediolaun was independent.


The Longbeards soon left, however, leaving Mediolaun and Ctesiphod as rivals over Northern Valyria- Mediolaun in the west, Ctesiphod in the east. Mediolaun expanded across the north of the peninsula, rebuilding the land to even greater than it was before, while the Ctesiphods turned to the east and south.