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And so rages the Nilotic War, fought both by armies and merchants. While the Pharaoh applies direct pressure and relied on his generals, Axum uses their countless tendrils of money and influence to direct and unite his faceless enemies to confuse their great opponent. Some of the most massive battles in history are fought in this time, as well as some interesting tactics used again and again in the future. (Unknown Scribe)

Nile War

Trade Federation

·         Axum 

                       Saharan Mercenaries

                       Egyptian Defectors*

                       Ethiopian Mercenaries

·         Kush†

·         Aden†

·         Eterika

·         Bekke

·         Bedouin Horde

·         Libyan Defectors


·         Neo-Egyptian Empire -> United Egyptian Empire

                       Caanan (vassal) †

·         Canaanite Government† **

·         Libyan Loyalists

·         Somali Tribesmen***

*Units paid by Axum to defect to their side near the end of the war

** A distinction is made between the vassal state of Canaan and the competing government, which ended up merging with Thebes (the Canaan dynastic crisis)

*** Axumite Somalia faded with little violence due to the Egyptian blockade


Queen Neretini

King Afsalem of Caanan

Location: Nile, Long Sea, Arabia, Sahara, Somalia


·         Kush is conquered by Egypt

·         Egypt fully unifies

·         Axum becomes kingdom

·         Eterika and Aden Merge

·         Bekke is formed from Egyptian Arabia

·         Axum pays tribute to Egypt

·         Trade Federation Disbanded

·         Axumite colonial empire weakened

·         Monoremes, which let Egypt win the war, and War Elephants go into use