Player MapsEdit

A database of player-made maps can be found below, sorted by region in a general west -> east direction starting from the Atlantic. 'Update X' indicates the map was made and posted AFTER that update.

This page is under construction, and currently updated to the NES' current state.

Quick reference for regions (overlaid on update 11 map)

Western SeasEdit

Update 2Edit

The Known Vallarvalian World

Update 3Edit

The Known Ctyrian World

A Vallarvalian Map of Italy

The World As It Was Known to Torasetar III of Toras-noth

Update 6Edit

Proposed border changes in Italy (note: Update 6 was posted for Italy before everyone else. This exchange occurred before update 6 proper)

Update 16Edit

Proposed Leon-Tarase-Mediolaun Treaty


Update 2Edit

The Grand Raid of Wenefed

Location of Osismied Wall

Update 3Edit

Battle Map 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (End) Explanation

The Known World According to Armorica

Update 10Edit

The Known World According to the Amorican Empire

Update 11Edit

The Battles of Orleans, of Tours and of Bordeaux (2 3 4) + explanations

Update 12Edit

Map of the world according to Vahlshallah

Miniupdate 12.5Edit

Planned Buggerite migration after hearing of their fate as planned by Vahlshallah

Update 14Edit

Maps of Armorica and Ostava (M6)

Map of the Alfrenks (M6)

Update 16Edit

The Storied War, Month 2 Year 1

West AfricaEdit

Update 16Edit

Amirese Regional Map (M6)

Eastern SeasEdit

Update 11Edit

Proposed Katan-Makedonia Treaty

Update 14Edit

Doussan trade routes (+ explanations) (M6)


Update 3Edit

Trade Routes of Egypt

Axumite Trade Map

Nile Political Cartoon (map)

Update 5Edit

The Known Egyptian World

Axumite Plague Risk Map

City Names of Levant and Northern Egypt

Egypt Through the Ages (M6?)

Update 17Edit

The Known Egyptian World

The Known Egyptian Trade


Update 0Edit

First Mesopotamia Map

Update 1Edit

Second Mesopotamia Map

Update 2Edit

Third Mesopotamia Map

Update 4Edit

Fourth Mesopotamia Map

Update 5Edit

Fifth Mesopotamia Map

Update 6Edit


Update 7Edit

Aramya Before the Descent

The Aramyan Maelstrom

Update 14Edit

Miniupdate 14.5Edit

Map of Hyak (M6)


Update 1Edit

First Indian Map

Central AsiaEdit

Update 16Edit

Map of the Nanbu Shanqu mountain range and its tribes (M6)


Update 16Edit

Map of the Flight of the Jin (M6)

Map of Korea according to Seoul (M6)