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Sardican empire in 2525 BC

 Cake? Anyone? (Sardinian diplomat)

Sardinia shall be tolerant, but it shall be Faithful.-King Aiken “The Faithful” of the Triple Crown

The Sardican Empire was a nation on the Western Seas, with its capital at Caligari. Known for its trade and peace, this nation followed would construct a hegemony over much of the Western Medeterranian. However, it had humble begginings as an alliance of locals, trying to counter banditry by convicts, expelled from the Valerian mainland. This was in 2850 BC. It was a largly tolerant society throuhout its history, despite large Faithful and Zirilist religious movments. By 2600 BC, they had colonized as far as Lybia (Cyrene) and the Baleric islands. It created the Kingdom of Leon in Iberia and had a large trading town near Damiette, both of which where just part of its policy of inderect hegemonic control. Around 2450 BC, the Faith became the nations primary religion as its government and merchants converted. After this, the nation started several wars with Toras Noth. These where mutually destructive. Zirilist Utica rebelled and swore fealty to Toras-Noth as Sardican armies got bogged down on the mainland. The country fell to civil war after the eruption of Zirili (approximately 2350 BC) killed most of its commanders. Its sucessors include Novaricum and Sassari.