The Daksina Rajdom was a state located in the western Khand (India), named after the coastal city of Daksina, which is its capital and most important city. As of the 25th century BC, it consisted of a highly developed region of sprawling cities and lush farmlands in the valley of the Great (Indus) River and a number of less developed colonies along the coast south of it. Daksina was bordered to the south by the Gujurati Kingdom, a protectorate of Daksina whose warrior-people are much respected by the Daksinans. To the east lies the Daretoki Confederacy, whose ruler sits atop the Iron Throne of Bengal and which has modernized into a political system much like Daksina. Daksina, at its height had known trade links with much of the Middle Eastern world, including Levea, and was one of the early classical world's most influential states.

However, the rajdom collapsed. Long growing inefectual and corrupt, rampant piracy, Gujarati invasion and internal infighting led to civil war.Dakinsa was the last of the origonal nations. The future of Khand is unclear.

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