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Yes. Let's do this. We'll be strong enough to deny Egypt next time they come and fund rebels! (Kushite diplomate to Axum)

We will gladly join this Trade Federation. There is no reason for war in our peaceful paradise, so let us maintain it where and while we can! (Adenite diplomate to Axum)

The Trade Federation was an alliance of Axum, Kush and Aden, with Eterika as an associate member. The aliance coordinated the anti-Egyptian fources in the Nile War. It was origionally intended as a trading pact, to increase commerce betwen member states, howeve it also had a secondary purpose, to try to intimidate Egypt, so that the Egyptians would not escalate a conflict over tribute with Kush. In the end, the alliance failed on both counts, as it was incapable of stoping or intimidating Egypt in the Nile War. It never achieved its founding purpose as a trading pact and its central currency is now nominally worthless, though it does have some practicle value.

The reasons for the Federation's faliure are mostly the Egyptian Monoremes, which sucessfully blockaded its primary resource. However, a faliure of Axumite diplomats in handling the brief Caanan dynastic crisis in Egypt was also a major cause of the Federation's demise.