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Nation of Ulyan[]

Flag of Ulyan; the ancestral banner of the Dawar

Ulyan, Nation Of



Official Languages:

Dawari, Yi Chinese, Nanbu




High Council



Ulyan is both a nation and a valley in the Nanbu Shanqu mountains of Central Asia. The area was inhabited for centuries before the birth of the Ulyan nation by Dawar and Nanbu tribes, but the first settlement, Ul-Tei, was founded at some point during the thirteenth cycle of the Yi Calendar (Gr. Cal. 2800-2700 BC).

Ul-Tei grew slowly but steadily over the time of its independent existence, predominantly inhabited by Dawar herders. Among the town's greatest achievements was its construction of the stone-and-silver Ulyan Monument, five-sided and inscribed with an early version of their sacred text, that of the Aynarist religion. Visitors to the town would later consider it an incredible spectacle.

The nation of Ulyan itself was born from a merging of the existing Dawar tribes with the Yi people who had fled the Xilan region in the Flight of the Jin. The Yi arrivals would mostly adopt the Aynarist belief system, which was in any case similar to their original Confucian beliefs.


Approximate placement of the tribes of the Nanbu Shanqu mountain range, along with the position of Ulyan Valley

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