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These soldiers are the backbone of the armies of Armorica, The Duchy of Dumonos and The Kingdom of the Alfrenks. They started as people that were enslaved young and that grew up in slavery under the close watch of their trainers. The training is now open to any family that wants their child to become an unsullied - No one is given special treatment regardless of position. A slave in training is treated like the king's son in training. Their training is brutal. I'm not going to delve into that. Regardless, they are completely loyal to their owners and cannot be tempted by money or the flesh.

They are small elite groups of troops number 100 per unit. They are immensly good at warfare and can normally best 1000 spearmen in a one on one fight. They can adopt the weaponry and fighting styles of other cultures and are the elite forces of the Keltic world. Their only place to train is in the city of Condevicnum, deep in Armorica.

Their patron god is the god Taranis, god of death and war. Taranis is also unsullied.

Note: Unsullied have been known to catch blades and swords with their hands, take them, and slay their opponent with them. Their only weaknesses are their numbers and their light armor, which is in itself a strength.

Available to:[]

Kingdom of the Alfrenks

Duchy of Dumonos