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The Raguel will say no more. The God-King wanted, no, he DEMANDED him to finish his tale. Finally, the crying man managed to calm himself enough to finish his tale.

“Our ship left to scout out the Faithful Fleet. For the night before the Trasetar sacrificed himself and his entire family so that Ziril will save us.

She did more than that.” (The last suvivor of the Eruption of Ziril)

Zirilism is the relgion dedicated to the warship of the volcano Ziril, also known as Vesuvius. It was founded in Toras-Noth, a city that was destroyed by that volcano's eruption as Faithful armies besiged it. This same eruption also destroyed the Sardican Empire. Now, the religion is continued in Lamari, Kadiz, Utica, Novaricum, the former Thloryn and minorities in Sardinia.